Benefits (EEA Residence Permit)

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Benefits (EEA Residence Permit)

EEA Residence Permit. EEA Residence Permit Visa entitles EEA nationals and their dependents with the right to live and work without restriction in the UK under European Community Law. The applicant is eligible to work without the need for a UK work permit, however in some circumstances they may need to register under the Worker Registration Scheme. The Residence Permit is valid for 5 years with the option of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain after 4 years. To be eligible for the permit EEA nationals must be able to financially support themselves and any dependents during their stay in the UK.


The EEA Residence Permit Visa has the following benefits:

• This visa allows the EEA nationals with the ability to undertake all employment without the requirement for a work permit.
• Application is submitted by the individual solely as there is no requirement of a sponsorship offer from the employer. However, EEA Residence permits are not granted if the applicant is coming to the UK to look for employment.
• For EEA Residence Permit there are no requirements to qualify under a points based system.
• EEA Residence Permit is considered the easiest means of migration to the UK as only a minimum eligibility criteria needs to be fulfilled.
• Most EEA nationals can obtain a residence permit if they are able to financially support themselves and any dependents without resort to public funds.
• EEA Residence Permit provides a straightforward route to living and working in the UK to the nationals of EEA member countries.
Worker Registration Scheme

The Worker Registration Scheme, which allowed nationals of the 8 countries which joined the EU in 2004 to work in the UK, is no longer in place as of April 2011. Per EU rules of accession, the transitional arrangements under which the Worker Registration Scheme were based expired after 7 years.

Citizens of Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia can live and work in the UK under the same rules as other citizens of other EU member states.


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