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Denmark Green Card

In order for an applicant to qualify for a Denmark Green Card which would grant the individual permanent residence in Denmark, they would need to meet the point’s requirement in accordance with Danish Immigration system.

The applicant would need to score a minimum of 100 points based on age, education and language with work experience. The education section of the Denmark Green Card is reviewed by CIRIUS. CIRIUS itself is overseen by Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Points for education are awarded on the following basis:

30 points – Bachelors degree

50 points – Bachelors degree + one year Masters Degree

60 points – Masters Degree

80 points – PHD

Further points can be obtained if the applicant’s school ranks in the world’s top 400 educational institutes. Denmark also has its own form of shortage occupation list known as “the Positive List”. If the candidate’s education is related to any of the jobs that are stated on this list, this would allow them to receive a further 10 points.

Along with the requirements mentioned above the candidate can potentially obtain 30 points if they are proficient in English or German and Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. In order to verify and prove the applicants eligibility to obtain points for the language requirements for the Denmark green card they will be required to sit tests in both languages, this includes the Danish Level 1 test.

15 points can be gained towards qualifying for the Danish Green Card if the individual has worked as a researcher or in a role that is on the Positive List. The minimum period of time that an applicant could have worked in either of the roles is 5 years. An applicant can obtain points for their age for the Denmark Green Card on the following basis:

15 points – under the age if 34

10 points – between the ages of 35-40.

If an individual has previous obtained experience of residing and working in the EEA (European Union) then this can be worth up to a further 15 points in order to help you in qualifying for the Danish Green Card.

Dependents on the Denmark Green Card

Should an applicant successfully qualify and obtain their Denmark Green Card this would also allow their spouse and children to join them in Denmark as their dependents. Upon successfully obtaining the visas for your dependents your partner will be able to work full time also.

Imperial Visas Dot Com have assisted many individuals in their immigration process to Denmark. Our immigration specialists and caseworkers have a wide range of immigration expertise and experience to assist you through the Danish Immigration system. Find out if you qualify for the Denmark Green Card by filling out our online enquiry form today, or feel free to contact us directly on -0203-627-4777.