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Employers might be urged to pay an annual charge of £1,000 for every skilled worker brought in from outside Europe, migration advisers have told the UK Government.  The Migration Advisory Committee report published in late Dec 2015  said that this proposal could raise up to £250m which will mainly go towards British-based workers in UK firms.

Salary threshold for admitted skilled workers may be raised to £30,000; companies to pay fees £1,000 per annum. This is likely to come into effect from April 2017 and this

The government is continuing to further tighten immigration and is planning to raise the minimum salary from £20.8k to £30k for skilled migrants to work in the UK. This is the amount that tier 2 visa applicants need to work in the UK.

The government has requested that the Migration Advisory Committee investigate further changes to ‘Tier 2’ conditions for migrants to work in the UK and is expected to raise over £250m with the £1k fees applied.

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