What is a UK business visa?

A business visa allows individuals to enter or remain in the United Kingdom for the purpose of making a business investment.

A significant investment is usually made by an individual who wishes to either open a new company in the UK, take over or own share capital in an existing UK business, or invest in UK government bonds. In some cases, an investment can also be made by an individual on behalf of an overseas business.

There are two main types of business visas in the UK: the entrepreneur visa and the investor visa.

Entrepreneur business visa UK

Individuals who apply for an Entrepreneur business visa must invest at least £50,000 in a new or existing company in the UK and be a company director.

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Investor business visa UK

If you are able to invest at least £2million into the UK economy that belongs to you or your spouse/partner, you may be eligible for a Tier 1 (Investor) visa.

Tier 1 (Investor) UK visa >>

Other types of UK business visas available to applicants are the sole representative visa and the standard visitor visa. As a sole representative of a company based overseas, you can remain in the UK for three years in order to establish a UK branch of your company’s business. Or if you’re simply visiting the UK to attend or run a conference, participate in a sports event or undertake academic research for a short amount of time, a standard visitor visa will usually suffice.

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