Elderly Dependant Visa in the UK

If an elderly dependant visa applicant is a parent, grandparent or a dependant of a relative settled in the UK, they will be permitted to apply for Indefinite Leave to Enter or Remain in the UK.

The applicant applying under this category needs to provide evidence of their relationship with the UK resident they wish to stay with, along with evidence that the sponsor can support them financially without recourse to any public funds. Substantial confirmation that the applicant has the consent from their sponsor to stay with them in the UK is also required.

Applicants of an elderly dependant visa can also make an application for settlement in the UK if their sponsor is present and settled in the UK, and there are most exceptional compassionate circumstances existing (evidence for which will need to be provided by the applicant.)

Elderly Parents and Grandparents

Unless your sponsor is present and settled in the UK, you will not be able to apply under this category. An applicant must also be aged 65 or over. However in certain exceptional or compassionate circumstances, the age may be reduced to be lower than 65 years at the discretion of the Home Office. If you require clarification of what these circumstances may include, contact our immigration experts who are experienced with UK elderly dependant visa applications.

Elderly Dependant Visa Requirements

The following requirements must be met for this category of dependant visa:

  • The applicant is a widowed mother or father aged 65 years.
  • The applicant is a parent or grandparent aged 65 years and above, who has been remarried and cannot rely on children from the second marriage, if any, for financial support.
  • Any parent or grandparent who is under 65 years of age and is dependent financially and emotionally on the permanent UK resident
  • There is constant contact with the parent and grandparent
  • The applicant has no close relatives in their home country that can be relied upon for support
  • The UK relative has appropriate accommodation for the applicant as well as any dependants the applicant may bring to the UK

Evidence under this category needs to be provided by the applicant to prove that their circumstances are true and, most importantly, there is either financial dependency on the sponsor or most exceptional circumstances exist.