What is a UK family visa?

There are many types of family visa in the UK which allow an applicant to enter or remain in the UK on the basis that the applicant has a family member settled in the UK. That family member can be a spouse, fiancé, an unmarried partner, child or other close relative.

UK family visas typically fall into two broad categories: one for spouses and partners, and a second for vulnerable dependants (i.e. children and the elderly). The main types of family visa available to applicants wishing to enter the UK are as follows:

Marriage Visa

UK marriage visaA UK marriage visa, otherwise known as a spouse visa, enables married partners of British nationals or those settled here to enter or remain in the UK. Marriage Visa →

Fiancé Visa

UK fiance visaIf you’re not yet married, you may be eligible for a fiance visa – known as the prospective marriage visa. You can enter the UK to marry & apply for a marriage visa. Fiance visa →

Child Dependant Visa

Child dependant visa UKIf a child wishes to enter the UK with a relative or permanently live with a parent already resident in the UK, then you’ll need to apply for a child dependant visa. Find out more →

EEA Family Permit

EEA family permitCitizens of EEA countries have the right to live and work in the UK – and they can bring their family along too with an EEA family permit for the UK.  EEA Family Permit →

Other types of family visa include the partner visa; this de facto visa allows the unmarried (de facto) partner of a UK national or person settled in the UK to remain in the UK if they have been together for at least 2 years. You can also find visa advice if you are registered as a civil partnership. An elderly dependant visa is useful for families who wish to support a relative over the age of 65 who is either financially or emotionally dependant. If you are looking to enter the UK on the basis of visiting your child who already lives in the UK, you need an access rights to child visa.


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