Points Based Dependant Visa (PBS Dependant)

The UK points based dependant visa has been drafted under the Immigration Rules part 8. The following are considered dependants under a points-based visa category:

  • Tier 1 (General, Entrepreneur and Investor ) Dependants
  • Tier 2 General and ICT Dependants
  • Tier 4 Dependants
  • Tier 5 Dependants

Anyone present in the UK in any points-based system category can make an application for their dependants (i.e. spouse, children under 18 years of age) to come to the United Kingdom or remain with them in the UK.

The applicant will need to show that the relationship is genuine and subsisting, for which evidence must be provided by the applicant and the sponsor in the UK according to the parties’ circumstances. The applicant also needs to fulfil the maintenance requirement amount which depends upon the category under which the main applicant/sponsor is present in the UK. Each category has different maintenance requirements, therefore it is advised that you contact Imperial Visas to find out what is the required amount that you must maintain in your bank account.  Further evidence needs to be provided by the applicant and sponsor to prove that they will be able to accommodate each other without recourse to public funds.

Dependant Children:

Children under 18 need to prove the relationship to the main applicant and also that they are not leading an independent life without dependency on the sponsor. Further maintenance and accommodation, evidence needs to be provided by the applicant. If the evidence is not provided in the acceptable standard and format to the UKVI your points based visa application will automatically fall for refusal. The applicant will need to show that the sole custody of the child is with the parent who is British Citizen or Settled in the UK on ILR.

Applying from Inside UK

The Home Office has changed the Immigration Rules which would allow an applicant to switch to a points based dependant visa from inside the UK without the need to travel to their home country. However, after becoming a dependant no further in-country application is allowed to switch to the main applicant so that your partner/spouse can become a dependant on you (switching places). For this, an entry clearance application is required from your home country.

Applying from outside the UK

A points based dependant visa application to join your spouse/partner or parents in the UK (children under 18 only) can be made at a British Embassy or British High Commission at your home country at any time subject to meeting the criteria above. Overseas applications are usually controlled by VFS and Teleperformance which are two private agencies contracted by the UK Home Office to collect applications on their behalf. The documentation is then passed to the regional visa issuing offices which are part of the UK Home Office.