British citizenship is a different form of British nationality that is defined in the British nationality act 1981. The law specifies how citizenship can be obtained and who has the right to apply for British nationality. This can be determined by the definitions and the requirements of the British nationality act 1981 and the related legislation based on the persons date and place of birth and origin. In order to apply for permanent residence in the UK, the applicant has to fulfill certain requirements. He or she should have correct information regarding the visa they currently hold and whether they are eligible to live and work in the country on a permanent basis.

During the time of application for naturalization, the candidate should be free from all immigration restrictions. Unless the applicant is married to or the civil partner of a British citizen, he or she must be free from any time limitations for at least the last 12 months of the residential qualifying period. If the applicant is free from such restrictions, a stamp or sticker will be placed in their passport signifying the applicant has Indefinite Leave to Remain status.