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EEA national family permit

New Changes for EEA Family Members

David Cameron has announced new changes for EEA Family Members as follows:

  • Non-EU nationals who had no prior lawful residence in a Member State before marrying an EU citizen, or
  •  Where a marriage is entered into after an EEA citizen has established residence in the host Member State.

The new proposal for EEA family members in such circumstances means that the couple would no longer be able to rely on their relationship as grounds for remaining together under EU law. In the UK, the non-EU partner may be required to leave and apply for entry clearance under the UK Immigration Rules. The changes as put forward are unlikely to impact EU citizens who can demonstrate that they entered into a relationship before moving to a host state, such as the UK.

What the new changes mean:

For example, if you are a EU national and present in the UK and you enter into a relationship with someone who is not an EU national, the non EU national cannot apply for a visa in from the UK. The non EU national would have to leave the UK and apply for a UK Visa from their country of nationality.

The new changes will take place from 23rd June 2016.

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