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How to apply for a UK Spouse Visa from Philippines


Spouse Visa




The Filipino national who is applying for the spouse visa as the wife/husband of a British National or a person who is settled in the UK must meet the following requirements:

  1. Marriage: 

    The parties should be married to each other and provide proof of this.

  2. Financial Requirement: 

    The British national or the person settled in the UK i.e the sponsor must be earning at least £18,600 gross per year if they are an employee. Or if the sponsor has savings of at least £62,000 which they have been maintaining for 6 months or more, the sponsor may rely on those savings to bring the spouse from Philippines to the UK. Please note the financial requirements do differ if there is more than one applicant i.e the wife and child/children of UK sponsor are applying from Philippines.

  3. Genuine and subsisting relationship:

    You must both show that you are in a genuine relationship and provide evidence of this i.e photographs together and conversations you have with one and other.

  4. Accommodation:

    The UK sponsor must have adequate accommodation for the Filipino spouse for example provide evidence of a property that the UK sponsor may own in the UK where the parties will live.

  5. English language:

    The Filipino national must pass the English language test at CEFR level A1 as required by the UK Immigration Rules.

  6. Suitability:

    You must meet the suitability criteria as per the Immigration Rules i.e the Pilipino national must not have any criminal convictions in the past 10 years.

Application Process:

The application would have to be filled out online on the UK visa website, once the application has been fully completed and submitted, the Filipino national will be able to book an appointment at one of the visa centres below:


MANILA UK Visa Centre

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
Mezzanine Floor Unit M01, Ecoplaza Building,
2305 Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati City, Metro Manila 1231

CEBU UK Visa Centre

VFS Global Services Philippines Private Inc.,
9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop
cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City 6000

Once you have booked your appointment, you will attend your appointment on your chosen date and time at the chosen UK Visa centre in either Manila or Cebu. You will also submit your supporting documents and have your fingerprints taken on your appointment date.

Contact us on 0207 627 4777 and one of our highly experienced caseworkers will provide you with further information and assess your situation as to whether you qualify for the spouse visa from Philippines or not.



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